Home Blues Top 10 GIFable Moments of BluesSHOUT! 2016

BluesSHOUT! 2016 has been an amazing event, there were so many great moments that I have to honor them with GIF’s.

#10 Humble Appreciation

#9 Badass Choreo

#8 Forrest’s “If you want to keep me happy” moment

#7 Paul’s “Whats Up?” turn

#6 Paul giving up the Solo Cutting Crown to Rachel Stirling

#5 Aaron and Youngdon’s Bro Moment

#4 Nicole and Tim’s consent Blarial

#3 Laura and Damon Dip X up Moment

#2 Jennifer Sowden and Dexter Santos’ come hither moment

#1 #lindySHOUT

LA Blues dancer for 8+ years. Runs blues lessons venue Study Hall Blues, and a blues dance venue Blues Liberation Front along with Jamie Leake. He also does dance photography, and dj's on the side.