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This month Katie’s going to introduce a new topic called Blues Music Research, in it she discusses the history of the artist Slim Harpo and his song “I’m a King Bee.”

After that we talk about Clydes experience at the Canadian Swing Championships.

We finish it up with our main discussion on sexiness within the blues dance culture, how others scenes perceive it, what does sexiness mean to us, and criticism of “too sexy.”

Blues Dance World Podcast focuses on topics of blues dance culture. These podcasts will be posted once a month, so keep an eye out for them. If you like what you’re hearing please leave a rating and comments on our itunes page.

Main Host: Clyde

Co-hosts: Katie and Aaron

Producer: Andy Lee

LA Blues dancer for 8+ years. Runs blues lessons venue Study Hall Blues, and a blues dance venue Blues Liberation Front along with Jamie Leake. He also does dance photography, and dj's on the side.