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This month we have a special guest joining our podcast, national blues instructor Tim O’Neill.


Katie will present Big Mama Thornton in our Monthly Blues Jam and we’ll play for you a sample of her song called “Since I fell for you.”


Later, we’ll answer a question from one of our listeners about the difference between Slow Dance and Blues Dance. After that Clyde will discuss his experience at Mile High Blues, and then we’ll dive into our main topic: why do we love this dance called blues. We’ll also discuss the favorite dance each of us has had during our dance careers.

Blues Dance World Podcast focuses on topics of blues dance culture. These podcasts will be posted once a month, so keep an eye out for them. If you like what you’re hearing, please leave a rating and comments on our itunes page.

Special Guest: Tim O’Neill

Main Host: Clyde

Co-hosts: Katie

Producer: Andy Lee

Photos: innocentwords.com and Cruisin for a Blusin

LA Blues dancer for 8+ years. Runs blues lessons venue Study Hall Blues, and a blues dance venue Blues Liberation Front along with Jamie Leake. He also does dance photography, and dj's on the side.