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On July’s episode of Blues Dance World, we talk about the life of Blues singer Alberta Hunter and highlight her song, “Downhearted Blues”.

We also take another shot at defining “Modern Blues”, talk about Man Camp in Colorado, and dig deeper into the idea of Follow Voice inside the modern vernacular Blues dance with special guest host Ruth Evelyn.

Finally, we’ll discuss the Blues events that are coming up:

USA: (Reference Link: http://bluescal.com/)
– Southbound Blues Exchange – Nashville – Aug 25th – 27th – Katie will be DJing – also DJ showcase (Katie can explain)
– Dirt Cheap Blues – Virginia Beach – Sep 7th – 10th
– North Star Blues – Minneapolis – Sep 14th – 17th
– Dance St. Lou Blue – St. Louis – Sep 29th – Oct 2nd

International: (Reference Link: https://www.annettedances.com/blues-in-europe-calendar/)
– Jul 29-Aug 5, Auvergne, Studio Hop Blues
– Aug 6-11, Ardèche, Mountain Blues Camp
– Aug 11-14, Kraków, Hummingbird Blues (Ex)
– Aug 18-20, Vilnius, Bluesila
– Aug 25-27, Berlin, Bear Blues Exchange
– Sep 8-10, Milan, Blues River Notes Festival
– Sep 8-10, Bern, Be Blues
– Sep 15-17, Dortmund, Octoblues
– Sep 22-24, Manchester, Cotton City Blues
– Sep 29-Oct 1, Valencia, Suitcase Blues
– Sep 29-Oct 1, Nuremberg, Swingomania (&Lindy)

Can’t get enough Blues and want to know which events are happening around the world? Check out http://bluescal.com/ and https://www.annettedances.com/blues-in-europe-calendar/

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Main Host: Clyde Wright
Special Guest: Ruth Evelyn
Co-hosts: Katie Alexa and Aaron Brown
Producer: Andy Lee
Photos: Benoît Guérin

LA Blues dancer for 8+ years. Runs blues lessons venue Study Hall Blues, and a blues dance venue Blues Liberation Front along with Jamie Leake. He also does dance photography, and dj's on the side.