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On August’s episode of Blues Dance World, Katie calls some people out when she takes a look at Little Walter and his song “Mean Old World”.

Katie, Clyde, Aaron, and Andy, along with special guest and all-around badass Mike Legenthal, have a discussion about the do’s and don’ts of judging blues competitions. We also get a bit of an inside look into the Blues Experiment, learn some exciting news from Clyde, and reveal our secret love for balboa dancing.

Finally, we’ll discuss the Blues events that are coming up:

USA: (Reference Link: http://bluescal.com/)
– Dirt Cheap Blues – Virginia Beach – Sep 7th – 10th
– North Star Blues – Minneapolis – Sep 14th – 17th
– Dance St. Lou Blue – St. Louis – Sep 29th – Oct 2nd
– Backwater Blues – Huntsville – Oct 6th – 8th
– Mean Old Blues – San Francisco – Oct 6th – 8th
– Bambloozled – DC – Oct 13-15
– Blues Muse 10th Anniversary – Philadelphia – Oct 20th – 22nd — REGISTRATION IS OPEN!
– Don’t forget to (apply) for Blues Experiment starting in September and also Crusin’ for a Blusin’ now, quad cabins are nearly (all?) sold out!

International: (Reference Link: https://www.annettedances.com/blues-in-europe-calendar/)
– Sep 8-10, Milan, Blues River Notes Festival
– Sep 8-10, Bern, Be Bluesed
– Sep 15-17, Dortmund, Octoblues
– Sep 22-24, Manchester, Cotton City Blues
– Sep 29-Oct 1, Valencia, Suitcase Blues
– Sep 29-Oct 1, Nuremberg, Swingomania (&Lindy)
– Oct 5-8, Berlin Blues Explosion
– Oct 6-8, Peebles (SCO), Moonshine (&Lindy)
– Oct 9-15, Berlin Blues Immersion Camp
– Oct 13-15, Newcastle, Belta Blues
– Oct 14-15, Zürich, Blüesli 2.0
– Oct 20-22, Barcelona, Drag The Blues

Can’t get enough Blues and want to know which events are happening around the world? Check out http://bluescal.com/ and https://www.annettedances.com/blues-in-europe-calendar/

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Main Host: Clyde Wright
Special Guest: Mike Legenthal
Co-hosts: Katie Alexa and Aaron Brown
Producer: Andy Lee
Photos: Buksil, Ben Hejkal, and Youtube