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Hey there folks. This month for our September edition of Blues Dance World, we have not one but TWO special guests: Laney Barhaugh and Ben Hejkal!

First, we’ll start this month’s episode with Clyde, Lanie, and Aaron summarizing their experiences at Southbound Blues, an exchange that happened recently in Nashville. We’ll also briefly discuss other events we’ve been to: Mezzjelly, Sweet Mo.

Then, Clyde will take us through our Monthly Blues Jam! This month our featured artist is Jimmy McCracklin, a San Francisco based “texas shuffle” blues musician. McCracklin’s style is influenced by West Coast blues, Jump Blues and R&B. He’s recorded over 30 albums, written almost a thousand songs, and earned four gold records. We will listen to a song by McCracklin, called “The Walk.”

After that, we will dive into our main topic: How to throw an event! Dance events take a lot of meticulous planning, hard work, and coordination. As anyone who’s been involved in organizing knows, it is a thankless, underappreciated job. We’ll share some organizer pro-tips. We’ll discuss everything from how to put together a team to how to fund your event, from making sure registration goes smoothly to finding a vision for your event and staying relevant and innovative. We’ll end with a few organizer horror stories.

Finally, we’ll discuss the various Blues events that are coming up:

USA: (Reference Link: http://bluescal.com/)
– Backwater Blues – Huntsville – Oct 6th – 8th
– Mean Old Blues – San Francisco – Oct 6th – 8th
– Bambloozled – DC – Oct 13-15 — IS THIS EVEN HAPPENING DONT THINK SO 🙁
– Blues Muse 10th Anniversary – Philadelphia – Oct 20th – 22nd — REGISTRATION IS OPEN!
– Lindy Blues and Bal Exchange, Montreal QB, Oct27-29
– Holy City Blues – Charleston, SC, Nov 2-5
– Rose City Blues – Portland Nov 3-5
– MMM Blues, Montreal Quebec, Nov 17-19
– Snowbound Blues, Rochester NY, Dec 8-10
– Don’t forget to (apply) for Blues Experiment starting in September and also Crusin’ for a Blusin’ now, quad cabins are nearly (all?) sold out!

International: (Reference Link: https://www.annettedances.com/blues-in-europe-calendar/)
– Oct 5-8, Berlin Blues Explosion LINK
– Oct 6-8, Peebles (SCO), Moonshine (&Lindy) LINK
– Oct 9-15, Berlin Blues Immersion Camp LINK
– Oct 13-15, Newcastle, Belta Blues LINK
– Oct 14-15, Zürich, Blüesli 2.0 LINK
– Oct 20-22, Barcelona, Drag The Blues LINK
– Nov 10-12, Blues in the Hudd, Yorkshire GB

Can’t get enough Blues and want to know which events are happening around the world? Check out http://bluescal.com/ and https://www.annettedances.com/blues-in-europe-calendar/

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Main Host: Clyde Wright
Special Guests: Laney Barhaugh and Ben Hejkal
Co-hosts: Katie Alexa and Aaron Brown
Producer: Andy Lee
Photos: Ben Hejkal, sweetmolassesblues.com, sfgate.com

LA Blues dancer for 8+ years. Runs blues lessons venue Study Hall Blues, and a blues dance venue Blues Liberation Front along with Jamie Leake. He also does dance photography, and dj's on the side.