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On November’s episode of Blues Dance World, Katie introduces us to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the godmother of Rock and Roll and someone who’s influence heavily shaped modern music.

The regular Blues Dance World crew takes a bit of a backseat this month as we bring on a panel of special guests, Curtis Ellis, Elizabeth Kilrain, Cierra Ruffin, and Kenneth Shipp, to talk about blackness in the blues dance world, a conversation that our community’s been having with itself for a while now.

Our discussion ranges from personal experiences to things that the community is doing well to ways that our panelists think we could improve. We also talk about some of the events we’ve been to recently and have a special visit from a very spooky individual at the end of the podcast!

Finally, we’ll discuss the Blues events that are coming up:

USA: (Reference Link: http://bluescal.com)
– Snowbound Blues – Rochester NY – Dec 8-10
– Blues with Friends, St. Louis MO Jan 19-22nd 2018
– Tobacco Road, Raleigh/Durham NC, Jan 26-28
– Blues Geek, Nashville, TN, Feb 16-18
– Cruisin’ for a Bluesin’ – but for real, you should get on this boat – March 15th-18th

International: (Reference Link: https://www.annettedances.com/blues-in-europe-calendar/)
– Dec 1-3, Madrid, Petit ESBF
– Dec 8-10, Rennes, Bluesy Christmas
– Dec 9-10, Brussels, Blues with Jenny & Dan
– Dec 9-10, Zürich, Blüesli 2.0 (&Fusion)
– Dec 15-17, Nuremberg, Winter Wonderland
– Dec 29-Jan 2, Paris, The Countdown (Ex)
– Jan 5-8, Pistoia (IT), Crazy Blues
– Jan 26-28, Moscow, Blues House (Ex)

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Main Host: Clyde Wright
Co-hosts: Katie Alexa and Aaron Brown
Producer: Andy Lee
Special Guests: Curtis Ellis, Elizabeth Kilrain, Cierra Ruffin, Kenneth Shipp
Photos: Ben Hejkal, Melanie Bert, Devon Rowland, Mashable.com