Blues Shout is pretty much the Super Bowl of blues dance events. Its the first thing to search for on youtube if you want to see what the best of the best blues dancers have to offer within blues competitions and performances. If you want to really lvl up your dance, meet and befriend national blues instructors, and have some of the most amazing blues dances of your life, this is the event for you.


One of the funniest/insightful tumblrs on blues dancing culture, So Yeah, Blues Dance is a hilarious animated gifs site. We liked their posts so much, we asked if they’d let us share their gifs on our site. So glad they agreed 🙂


Don’t know what national/regional dance events are happening around your area? Dancecal is the most up to date calendar/map of all your big dance events of the year. If your at a point where you want to start traveling to dance events, this should be the first place to check.