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Jack & Jill Finals

Jack & Jill finalists (in spotlight order):

Michael Marnane & Ellen Murray
Gabriel Hout & Vitalia Brukhanska (3rd Place)
Taras Melnyk & Whitton Frank (1st Place)
Forrest Rogers-Marcovitz & Annette Kühnle (2nd Place)
Vivien Nivesse & Noy Bieber



Strictly Blues Finals – Spotlights

Strictly Blues Finals – All-Skate

Strictly Blues finalists (in spotlight order):

Forrest Rogers – Markovitz & Whitton Frank (1st Place)
Joe Buckett & Earanee Niedzwiecki
Vivien Nivesse & Noy Bieber
Gabriel Hout & Annette Kühnle
Michael Marnane & Toyin Adelasoya (3rd Place)
Taras Melnyk & Vitalia Brukhanska (2nd Place)

Solo Blues Finals

Solo Blues finalists (in spotlight order):

Amani Said (1st Place)
Forrest Rogers – Markovitz (2nd Place)
Natalya Davydova (3rd Place)


Showcase – Ghost Train (1st Place)

Showcase by: Taras Melnyk & Vitalia Brukhanska



Showcase – Put a Spell on You (2nd Place)

Showcase by: Noy Bieber



Showcase – Egyptian Fantasy (3rd Place)

Showcase by: Amani Said

Heres a great Dexter Santos and Joe DeMers doing a solo blues routine which was choreographed Dexter himself.  They don’t call him “Snake Hips Dexter” for nothing.

Song: Hound Dog by Big Mama Thornton